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After a year or two of owning this domain, I'm finally moving in. I'm an amateur medievalist and onomasticist, or naming practices scholar.

Projects in Progress

Future Projects

Other Studies

I'm currently studying the costume of the 16th century, with a focus on the clothing of non-noble English women. This probably won't turn into an article, although I do feel there is a knowledge gap in this area.

I'm constantly working to increase my knowledge of medieval heraldic practices and medieval documents, particularly those granting arms, land, or privileges.

I have a casual curiosity about fairy tales, particularly as modern authors continue to tell old and new ones.

Subsidize Me

I have an Amazon wishlist — who doesn't? If someone were to buy me stuff from it out of nowhere, well, I'd be tickled. :) It's also a good way for you to get an idea of the sort of media that interests me, if you want to know that sort of thing.


I can be reached at ws (at) nikkiverse (dot) net. You know what to do.

3 April 2005