Gummy Bear Reviews


This may be the Cadillac of Gummy Bears. They practically gush with real fruit juice, and not just apple juice, which seems to me the only juice used in most types of gummy candy. Unfortunately, they seem a bit difficult to find. My boyfriend found them at a Topps drug store in New York.

Black Forest

These aren't bad. They're not as flavorful as their Brachs counterparts, but they're also made with real fruit juices, and fairly tasty.

Giant Eagle Candy Place

You know how, when you go to a candy store and buy gummy candy from a bin, they seem to be coated with a candy-flavored dust? Some of these have had that problem. But they are surprisingly flavorful.


They used to be my favorite, but all of the bags I've tried lately have been too hard. Plus, they can't compete with Brachs in the sweet fruitness department.

Let's Do Organic

Edwards & Sons make the Let's Do ... Organic Gummi Bears, which (unlike the usual sort) are vegetarian, as they do not contain gelatin. I've only tried the classic variety. The taste is different but agreeable, but the lack of gelatin makes a difference in the texture — they're much more stretchy and less chewy.


They're not bad, but I can taste the wax a little too much. They're a pretty good value at 2 11 ounce bags for $3 from Rite Aid.


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